Guidance for PCR Harmonization

Driving consistency in the greenhouse gas accounting system for steel, cement and concrete products

The Industrial Deep Decarbonisation Initiative (IDDI) is the largest coalition of governments and organizations working to create an enabling environment for the deep decarbonization of industry, starting with steel, cement and concrete. The IDDI aims to spur early demand for low and near-zero emission products through green public procurement commitments.

Such commitments will require robust and transparent information about the embodied emissions of products, and in April 2024 the IDDI published this Guidance for PCR Harmonization. This is a milestone technical document that provides a common foundation to harmonize greenhouse gas accounting methodologies for steel, cement and concrete products. These standards can enable manufacturers to differentiate their products based on environmental impact, allowing them to capture market value through investment in decarbonization. The standards also serve as an important enabler for green procurement in both the public and private sectors, driving demand for low-emission products.

Read the related White Paper.

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