Accelerating the transition of industries worldwide to a zero-carbon economy

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About us

The Industrial Decarbonization Accelerator is a UNIDO-led network of international initiatives working to accelerate the shift of industrial organizations – both large and small – away from fossil-fuels. Working with governments, the private sector, and finance institutions in emerging economies, we help industry to rethink how they use energy.

Areas of work

The easiest and cheapest solution lies in the energy we don’t use. Besides the incredible benefits for our planet and people, energy efficient technology and management practices can slash operational costs, boost productivity, increase asset values, and improve energy security.

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Worldwide, industrial organizations are beginning to integrate biomass, solar thermal systems, green hydrogen and waste heat recovery technologies into their energy mix. The Accelerator supports industry in a just renewable transition.

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Coordinated by UNIDO, the Industrial Deep Decarbonization Initiative (IDDI) works to facilitate the creation of policy that enables industrial decarbonization, by creating a thriving market for low carbon industrial products such as steel and cement.

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The approach we take

Across our three areas of work we offer:

Decarb Solutions

We explore specific decarbonization solutions and share easy-to-understand knowledge packages to inspire and enable industry leaders, energy managers, consultants, and policy makers to take the first steps towards enhancing their energy systems, and to shift away from fossil fuels.