Governments around the world are coming together to decarbonize the way we build our schools, hospitals, bridges and roads. They are turning the tide on climate change one public construction project at a time.

Construction materials like steel, cement and concrete are the building blocks of our modern world

But they are also responsible for the largest share of industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As populations grow, living standards rise and construction booms, demand for these materials is rising sharply. Accelerating the deployment of the technologies, investments and innovations needed to transform these heavily polluting industries has never been more urgent.

The Green Public Procurement (GPP) Pledge is a call to national and subnational governments to help cut carbon from their public construction projects by:


Governments are among the top buyers of steel, cement and concrete needed to build infrastructure for everyday life. This purchasing power means that what they decide to buy (or not) can have a huge impact. GPP is about using this purchasing power to lessen negative impacts on the environment by requiring, for example, that construction materials have low or near-zero carbon emissions in their production and use.


GPP commitments are essential in signaling to the market that: “if you make it we will buy it.” Such policies from governments can boost the demand for low-carbon steel, cement and concrete and reward businesses that develop products with lower environmental impacts. This in turn can trigger a wave of new technologies and investments, ultimately making these ‘green’ products the norm.

Behind the GPP Pledge is the Industrial Deep Decarbonization Initiative (IDDI), a global coalition of governments and private sector organizations.

The IDDI strives to harness the government´s immense purchasing power to ignite a thriving market for construction materials, which generates low or near- zero emissions. The IDDI has established globally recognized targets for the public procurement of low and near-zero emission steel, cement and concrete, alongside guidelines to make it easier for governments to set and implement these targets in their procurement processes.

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