Energy efficiency

The easiest and cheapest clean energy solution lies in the energy we don’t use

As well as the incredible benefits for our planet and people, energy efficient technology and management practices have the capacity to slash operational costs, boost productivity, and improve energy security. Our experience shows that industrial companies can immediately reduce their energy use by up to 15 per cent.

A win-win solution

The International Energy Agency calculates that with the right energy efficiency policies, the world can achieve more than 40 per cent of the emissions cuts needed to reach international climate goals using cost-effective technologies which are already available. For some countries in Asia and in Sub-Saharan Africa, where energy poverty rates still exceed 50 per cent of the population and have a disproportionate impact on women, industrial energy efficiency can reduce pressure on the energy grid and improve much needed access to electricity as a result.

Despite this, only a handful of the national plans (National Determined Contributions) under the Paris agreement include specific energy efficiency commitments. In some countries, where sophisticated energy efficiency targets and regulations are already in place, a lack of financial incentives and market interventions such as fuel subsidies often stand in the way. This means that there is huge room for improvement.

Driving momentum

Together with other global initiatives, like Sustainable Energy for All and the Mission Efficiency Partnership, we are working to significantly increase global momentum on energy efficiency. In country, energy experts and trainers from the Accelerator work together with government and industrial stakeholders in emerging and developing economies, to drive momentum for energy efficiency with tailored training for industries, improved access to finance for entrepreneurs and policy advice for governments.

The Invisible Solution.
Can you see it?

Since 2020 we’ve been asking ourselves: with so much to gain, why is industrial energy efficiency seemingly so overlooked? One explanation is that industrial energy efficiency is largely an invisible solution. To shine a light on the energy efficiency opportunities, we’ve rallied governments, industry leaders and the development community to act on this hugely compelling and uncontroversial climate solution.

Decarb Solutions

We explore specific decarbonization solutions and share easy-to-understand knowledge packages to inspire and enable industry leaders, energy managers, consultants, and policy makers to take the first steps towards enhancing their energy systems, and to shift away from fossil fuels.