Energy Management Systems

Cut your energy costs by 30 per cent!

UNIDO’s Energy Management System (EnMS) starter kit provides an overview for leadership teams on what an EnMS is and how implementing one can bring added value to your organization. In this kit you will find insights from UNIDO’s global experts as well as external links to recommended references, case studies, manuals and technical guides.

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What is an EnMS?​

An Energy Management System (EnMS) is a framework for energy consumers including industrial, commercial and public sector organizations to manage their energy use. It helps companies identify opportunities to adopt and improve energy-saving technologies, including those that do not necessarily require high capital investment. In most cases, the successful implementation of an EnMS requires specialised expertise and staff training.

UNIDO’s approach

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization has a long history of delivering technical advice and practical support for the implementation of EnMS worldwide.

UNIDO’s comprehensive 18-month training programme takes participants beyond the classroom and guides them through a hands on process of action planning, implementation and continuous energy saving improvements. By the end of the training, host companies and participating organizations gain an energy management system that is uniquely tailored to their needs. This includes specialised tools developed by UNIDO, a dedicated energy policy as well as baseline metrics and data, which helps energy management teams stay on track and ultimately achieve their energy saving targets long into the future.

Meet the experts

Liam McLaughlin

Energy Systems Specialist | UNIDO | Ireland

“I firmly believe that energy conservation and energy efficiency should be central to climate action policy and to organization efforts to reduce energy cost and environmental impact. Energy efficiency is the fastest, lowest cost and lowest risk approach to reducing green house gas emissions in most organizations.”

Wendy Da Cruz

Energy Management Expert | UNIDO | South Africa

“In the management system field we often talk about the importance of top management involvement. But, in reality, there is a need for involvement from people at all levels.”

Samir Khafagui

Energy Management Systems Expert | Egypt

“When I first meet with the companies, I ask some very simple questions such as ’what type of energy do you use? Where do you use it? Which part of your business uses the maximum amount of energy?’. Often the companies do not know because they simply haven’t measured or monitored their energy use. When they do measure their energy use after we meet, they are usually very surprised.”

Gerard Doherty

ISO 50001 International Expert | UNIDO

“With this programme, we are creating a market for energy management. We are doing this from two sides, following a ‘push-pull’ approach: with industry pulling in the service because they see that flagship companies have benefited from it and energy consultants (now certified) pushing their services to industry.”