REPORT: Recommendations: Promoting efficiency via China’s low-carbon energy tech catalogue

With the publication of the Outline of China’s Energy Conservation Technology Policy in 2006, China has accelerated the promotion of key energy-saving technologies. The National Key Energy-saving Technologies Promotion Catalogue was launched in 2006 and was first released in 2008. The Catalogue aims to promote energy-saving technologies across twelve main sectors, ranging from transportation to communications. 

Since its publication, the Catalogue has effectively promoted the application of key energy-saving technologies and laid a good working foundation for achieving the binding targets of energy conservation and emission reduction. 

As the Catalogue has played an increasingly important role in the promotion of energy-saving technologies in China, few studies or assessments have been carried out to identify the barriers and solutions to further improve and develop the existing Catalogue. This study, led by the Carbon Trust and UNIDO, has contributed to this objective by analysing both the Catalogue in China and case studies of other international technology lists to provide tangible and operational solutions for the existing national catalogue in China and to facilitate the uptake of energy-saving technologies in China.

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