With so much to gain, why is industrial energy efficiency seemingly so overlooked?

After all, the easiest and cheapest clean energy solution lies in the energy we don’t use. ​One explanation is that industrial energy efficiency is largely an invisible solution. It often comes down to changing people’s behaviours and mindsets. The interventions are usually technical and behind closed doors. Retrofitting the insulation level of pipes, or replacing an old inefficient boiler is not as visible as installing solar powered panels or wind turbines.

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  1. Critically, those of us in the development community must move beyond discussing the potential and toward demonstrating this hugely compelling and uncontroversial climate solution.

    Rana Ghoneim

    Chief, Energy Systems and Infrastructure DivisionUNIDOVienna
  2. When industry moves, their ancillary businesses have to move with them. That’s why industrial companies are in a very influential position to make the significant changes needed to reduce GHG emissions.

    Gerswynn Mckuur

    Global Cleantech Innovation Programme CoordinatorUNIDO
  3. Our experience shows that just by deploying energy management systems in industrial facilities, we can identify and harvest an average of 15 per cent of energy savings without the need for a major investment in technology.

    Tareq Emtairah

    Director of EnergyUNIDO
  4. In addition to the energy savings achieved with support from UNIDO’s Industrial Energy Efficiency project in Myanmar, we now have so much more peace of mind thanks to the reliable and more consistent cold room temperature achieved through system optimization. This alone is a huge benefit 

    Khaymar Khine

    Executive DirectorDevi Daiichi Joint VentureMyanmar

Momentum is building for industrial energy efficiency

Currently, only a handful of the national plans under the Paris agreement include specific industrial energy efficiency commitments. This means that there is huge room for improvement. 

Industrial energy efficiency has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions, but only if it is done on a global scale. Together with other global initiatives, like Sustainable Energy for All and the Three Percent Club, we are working to significantly increase global momentum on energy efficiency. Join us!




Together, our partners and colleagues work to rally government, industry and finance around solutions that ignite change in energy-intensive industries.

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For this green revolution to be achieved we need leadership from across the divide. Stimulus responses to the current economic downturn must be designed in a way which accounts for long-term climate impacts and economic resilience. We cannot afford to further fuel the ecological threats to humanity that lie on our horizon. Governments need to support policy implementation, mandate efficiency standards, set targets and incentivise best practice. CEOs need to kick-start a cultural shift in their companies by prioritising energy efficiency and empowering their teams to become part of the solution. Critically, those in the international development community must move beyond discussing the potential and toward demonstrating this hugely compelling and uncontroversial climate solution.

To facilitate and amplify this conversation, UNIDO launched the Industrial Energy Accelerator in 2019, which includes global communication channels like the dedicated Accelerator Linkedin community. But this is only just the beginning.

Through the Accelerator, UNIDO is rallying  government, industry and finance around efforts that ignite change in energy-intensive industries. While we wait for wide-scale development of renewable energy infrastructure, industrial energy efficiency can provide a pathway and an opportunity for companies to reduce their emissions in the here and now. The transition away from fossil fuels must accelerate immediately. It’s time industry, governments and investors recognize that industrial energy efficiency is central to achieving our 2030 and 2050 sustainable development deadlines.



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The Industrial Energy Accelerator works directly with governments and the private sector. We design energy efficiency solutions, provide policy advice and conduct extensive training programmes for energy managers, auditors and policymakers. Contact our global project manager, Rana Ghoneim (R.Ghoneim@unido.org) to find out more about the Accelerator’s services.