Your commitment to green CONSTRUCTION with public funds

We the undersigned governments, in recognition of:

Commit to adopt one or more of the pledge levels in the Pledge document set out below, subject to their internal processes including consultation, and to inform the IDDI of the pledge level to be adopted before the end of 2023.

Pledge to:

Level One:

Starting no later than 2025, require disclosure of the embodied carbon in cement/concrete and steel procured for public construction projects.

Level Two (in addition to Level 1):

Starting no later than 2030, conduct whole project life cycle assessments for all public construction projects, and, by 2050, achieve net zero emissions in all public construction projects.

Level Three (in addition to Levels 1 and 2):

Starting no later than 2030, require procurement of low emission cement/concrete and steel in public construction projects, applying the highest ambition possible under national circumstances.

Level Four (in addition to Levels 1, 2 and 3):

Starting in 2030, require procurement of a share of cement and/or crude steel from near zero emission material production for signature projects.

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