CASE STUDY: Huge energy savings are possible in SMEs if you know where to look

 Sockit Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd was established in 2008 to produce socks for major international brands such as Nike and Adidas. The company employs around 50 employees at its factory in Parow Industria, Cape Town. 

From awareness to action 

 As is the case for most small to medium enterprises (SME’s), the scale of the operation could not justify the recruitment of a maintenance engineer responsible for the efficient management of the services of the plant. Maintenance was thus conducted reactively, resulting in a steady deterioration in efficiencies over time. In addition, the operation had limitations in the total amount of electrical power available, which was constraining growth. 

The managing director attended one-day awareness raising workshops, realising the significant scope for savings in his operation and an IEE Project SME energy audit was conducted in December 2011, following which three recommended projects were implemented. 

An additional four people were employed by Sockit as a direct result of the cost savings and productivity gains achieved through the implementation of UNIDO’s recommendations.

Key achievements

  • 92 000 kWh p/a of energy was saved through three optimisation projects, with GHG reduction of 90 ton CO2. 
  • In addition, there was a 15% increase in production capacity, a 30% reduction in electrical energy demand and as a result four new people were employed. 
  • The initial investment of ZAR 550,000 realized an annual saving of ZAR 140,000 (4 year payback).

 Click on the case study link below to find out how Sockit Manufacturing managed to make a signifiant impact to its bottom line with UNIDO’s guidance.  

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