CASE STUDY: Fanmilk Ltd

Fanmilk is a diary food manufacturer dedicated to the production and distribution of healthy food across West Africa. A Danish entrepreneur and other investors in Ghana started Fanmilk in 1959 under the name Ghana Cold Store. It was renamed Ghana Milk Company in 1960 and had the primary aim of producing and distributing fresh milk-based products. The need for quality logistics gave birth to a partnership between the company and the Danish sourcing and trading company, Emidan, which started supplying dairy factories in Ghana in 1960 and later other parts of West Africa.

Fanmilk was converted to a public limited liability company in 1969, and now produces and distributes quality and refreshing milk-based and fruit-based products. Fanmilk’s milk-based products consist of a range of frozen ice creams, frozen flavoured milk drinks and yoghurt drinks (both frozen and drinkable). Fanmilk is strongly committed to producing quality, healthy and nutritious products for consumers and is certified by ISO, the Ghana Standards Authority and the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority.

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