CASE STUDY: Akosombo Paper Mill Ltd

Akosombo Paper Mill Ltd (APM), formally Worldcool Ltd, was established in 2001 by entrepreneur Paul Adei. It is a tissue paper manufacturing company based in the small town of Akosombo, in the south of the Asuogyaman District, Eastern Region, Ghana. The company aspires to be the largest producer of quality tissue products in Ghana.

In 2014, the mill formed a partnership with Airtel Ghana to collect and recycle all paper waste generated by the company and has since gone on to form similar recycling partnerships with other entities. The mill collects the paper through its logistics partners and recycles it at its plant in Akosombo, turning the waste paper into quality, specialty paper products, with tissue paper its main product. It is now the leading manufacturer of tissue paper from recycled materials in Ghana. This sustainability measure helps to divert paper waste from landfill sites.

APM is in the process of restructuring its operations to leverage the brand identity it has gained in recent years due to its commercial success.

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