Preliminary Roadmap for Industrial Decarbonisation in Vietnam

UNIDO is coordinating the Clean Energy Ministerial Industrial Deep Decarbonisation Initiative (IDDI), a global coalition of public and private organisations that work to stimulate demand for low carbon industrial materials. In collaboration with national governments, IDDI works to standardise carbon assessments, establish ambitious public and private sector procurement targets, as well as incentivise investments in low-carbon product development and industry guideline design.

Against this backdrop, the “Industrial Decarbonisation Baseline Assessments” project is supporting the development of an industry decarbonisation roadmap in consultation with key stakeholders to identify the appropriate decarbonisation pathways for heavy industries including steel, cement, and concrete specific to the Vietnam situation, in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7).

Industrial decarbonisation in Vietnam is driven by a combination of factors that include international commitments, global pressures, technological advances, national regulations, civil society pressure, access to natural resources, and economic benefits. These drivers are shaping the transition to a more sustainable industry aligned with climate change objectives while promoting the country’s competitiveness and economic development.

The objective of the Preliminary Roadmap is to define a preliminary path to develop and promote the implementation of decarbonisation in the Vietnamese industrial sector. This preliminary path will serve as a basis for detailing policy and technology issues followed by details on each of the key sectors herein. The pillars that support the proposed path in the short, medium, and long terms are outlined in this report.

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