Practical guide for implementing an energy management system

Practical Guide for Implementing an Energy Management System and Associated Worksheet

This Guide seeks to enhance the understanding of enterprises with regard to Energy Management Systems in order to enable them to take effective measures to implement energy management, and in so doing, to improve their energy performance, productivity and environmental sustainability.

Energy Management Systems (EnMSs) have emerged over the past two decades as a proven best practice methodology to ensure sustainable energy efficiency and continually improve performance in industry. Most industrial enterprises that have implemented an EnMS have achieved on average two to three times the annual energy savings achieved by enterprises without an EnMS.

This Guide comes with a set of tools aimed to further support learning and to assist companies in implementing EnMS in line with ISO 50001. You can download here the EnMS tool of the Guide.

Be sure to visit again soon as an updated version of this Guide and the associated tools are due out soon.

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