BROCHURE: Efficiency solutions for industrial cooling

Unlike readily available household cooling and refrigeration appliances, industrial cooling systems need to respond to different operating temperatures and loads. There is no easy or quick formula to achieving the best operating efficiency in industrial cooling systems. This is because every industrial process is unique and therefore needs to be reviewed for its own merit, application, geographic location, system components and working fluids. The good news is that there are many ways industrial organizations can begin to optimize their cooling systems which often require no or relatively minimal investment.

This industrial cooling efficiency brochure provides an overview for leadership teams on what cooling and refrigeration process optimization is and how paying attention to system efficiency can bring added value to your organization.

In this brochure you will find insights from UNIDO’s global experts as well as external links to recommended references, manuals and technical guides. It is a great starting point for generating awareness about the benefits and opportunities that industrial energy efficiency has to offer.

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