Lukas Eggler

Energy specialist

Languages: German, English

With a background in renewable energy engineering and management, Vienna based Lukas Eggler specialises in the application of linear optimization, energy measurement and energy system modelling.  In 2014 he joined the Austrian Energy Agency (AEA, where he is now an expert of statistical energy models and advanced energy performance indicators as well as the head trainer of the AEA Academy training course on advanced energy indicators. 

Through his work at the AEA Lukas hopes to advance the boundaries of energy performance indicators without overburdening already time poor energy managers. Over the years he has enhanced and refined AEA’s methods and tools by applying them to complex multi-site situations and creating objective energy efficiency benchmarks. The AEA’s success stories to date include implementing model based energy performance indicators in large-scale corporate settings in major companies like Siemens Austria, as well as implementing benchmark models at multi-site corporations with up to 350 individual locations.