Motor-driven Systems

Optimize your power supply, mechanical controls and everything in between

Nearly 70 per cent of all electrical energy consumed by industry is used by the millions of electrical motors installed worldwide. Responsible for driving both core industrial processes as well as auxiliary systems such as compressed air generation, ventilation and water pumping, motors are critical to nearly every industry on the planet.

Using expert insights, case studies and experience gathered over the past decade, UNIDO’s Motor-driven System Optimization kit details how industries can take advantage of the vast untapped potential for energy efficiency in electric motor-driven systems.

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Why ‘system’ optimization?

An efficient electric motor and the use of variable speed drives is of little value if pipes are blocked in a pump system, or if there are leaks in a compressed air system. Similarly, if a motor is idly running and not providing a mechanical end use benefit, then energy will be wasted, regardless of the equipment’s efficiency rating. System optimization approaches address the entire motor system, from the power supply to the mechanical controls and everything in between. A motor is considered just one of many opportunities for optimization.

UNIDO’s approach

UNIDO has long championed a ‘motor-systems’ approach to achieving efficiency rather than focusing on the maintenance of individual components.

Since 2010, UNIDO has delivered its Motor-driven Systems Optimization (MSO) training programme to industry and energy practitioners worldwide. Designed for energy managers, operations staff, engineers, experts and vendors, this programme takes participants beyond the classroom into industry where they implement real-life MSO projects in partner enterprises. Broken into two user streams, which include advanced training to qualify MSO experts as trainers and assessors, this unique programme is designed for a variety of motor-driven systems including fans, pumps and compressors.

Meet the experts

Anibal de Almeida

Director of the Institute for Systems and Robotics (UC) | University of Coimbra | Portugal

“Electric motors represent about 70% of the electricity consumed in industry. Therefore each and every component in a motor system must be well selected, correctly sized and they all must perform with high efficiency. There is no room for poor performance.”

Siraj Williams

Motor Driven Systems Expert | UNIDO | South Africa

“We need to be at the forefront of optimization all the time. If you think about the 100 metre sprint, it’s not good enough just to equal the record, we always want to improve on it.”