REPORT: Industrial energy efficiency policy modelling in Brazil

Industrial Energy Efficiency Policy Modelling in Brazil

The Brazilian Industrial sector is a significant energy consumer, accounting for 25-35% of the nation’s total energy consumption. Such high consumption has a significant carbon impact and an associated cost to purchase the energy. Consumption is forecast to further increase substantially over the next 30 years; to ensure the industrial sector continues to grow without the burdens of increased energy costs and a burgeoning carbon footprint it is key that all sub-sectors embrace energy efficiency measures. 

The Brazilian government has an important role to play in ensuring businesses have the necessary support needed to reduce their energy consumption, outgoing costs, and carbon footprint through the introduction of energy efficient policy measures. 

The work completed aims to help in the development process for policy measures through the production of a policy modelling tool and associated report. Therefore, an excel based tool has been produced that models three shortlisted energy efficiency policy measures, and their effects on energy consumption, associated energy costs, and jobs supported. The model can be adjusted through a variety of inputs in order to determine what the best policy outcomes could be, as well as make it more representative to the actual Brazilian industrial sector. You can download the excel based tool here.

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