A report for financial intermediaries in Brazil

Energy Efficiency Risk Management: A Report for Financial Intermediaries in Brazil

UNIDO and Carbon Trust have initiated a capacity building initiative for Brazilian FIs under the umbrella of UNIDO’s Industrial Energy Accelerator. The main objective of this initiative is to increase FIs’ knowledge of EE value and risk appraisal and to foster their ability to adopt and further develop EE risk mitigation approaches. To this end, a series of capacity building workshops with Brazilian FIs have been implemented over the course of 2019.

All workshops focused on FIs’ technical staff as main target group (mainly credit risk and product development staff) and aimed to increase participants’ understanding of, and hence trust in, EE investments; discuss an EE risk assessment framework that was developed for this purpose; and prioritize EE risk mitigation approaches that are available or needed in Brazil.

The present report summarizes the content of the workshops and of the risk assessment framework, and reflects respective feedback obtained from participating FIs.

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